Embroidery is an excellent customisation technique especially if you are looking for a durable and stylish solution. It can be used on virtually all garment and material types for a range of different purposes and uses.

Embroidery is the process of using thread to apply a logo or design to an article of clothing or fabric. At Buccaneer Group we have two large state of the art computerised industrial machines with multiple embroidery heads (4 heads on each machine), which offer the possibility of doing more than one product at a time. Current capacity is several hundred units per day.

A special DST file of the logo or design is made using professional software, this allows the machine to read the file so it knows how many stitches are needed for each colour of the design. Once the DST file is prepared, the thread colours are loaded into the embroidery machine. The area of the garment that the logo is going to be embroidered is locked down using an industrial embroidery hoop (frame) to prevent the garment from moving whilst it is being embroidered. The hoop is then fixed into place on the embroidery machine before hitting the green button.

The preparation of the setup file does incur a nominal one-off cost so we recommend your embroidery designs to have a minimum of 5 units to make it worth your while – once the DST file is set-up you own this forever and won’t need to pay this setup fee again.

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